The supplements we put in our body are massively important when we’re preparing to conceive.

In fact anything we put in our body preconception is critical — which is why experts suggest stopping caffeine, alcohol, and excess sugar a full six months before you try to get pregnant.

If we are that picky about what we take in, shouldn’t we be that picky about our supplements too?

Many prenatal vitamins and other supplements are full of additives and don’t have the bioavailable form of the nutrient. Many shakes and smoothies and other fertility recipes have a ton of extra sugar that actually contributes to hormonal imbalances.

The good news is that you can find and enjoy healthy, natural fertility supplements that you can trust to be full of the good stuff.

The two we recommend are:

  1. Freya, an all natural herbal tea based on the principles of Chinese Medicine. Chinese medicine has been proven to improve fertility even more than invasive procedures like IVF. Freya is handmade in our co-founder Marco Lam’s acupuncture clinic in Boulder Colorado.
  2. Royal Jelly, a form of bee pollen that aids in reproductive health.

Of course it’s a good idea to take a prenatal vitamin too, but make sure you pick one that’s natural and has bioavailable nutrition so your body can digest and absorb and set your body up for success.

It takes time to get ready for baby, so start this routine NOW. You can order Freya in one month and three month supplies at — and when you do so you’ll even get free shipping.

Are you ready to feel good about what you’re putting into your body and feel good about baby?

Xoxo, Violet and the Freya Family

PS if you want to get pregnant the natural way with a supplement you trust, we’re offering free shipping for a limited time here on FREYA.


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