If you have irregular cycles (or if you haven’t had your cycle in the last two months)…

If you have been trying to get pregnant for over 6 months…

If you’re over 35 years old and looking to get pregnant (now or in the future)…

And if you’ve used birth control in the past…

You may need to look at your fertility. But you may be nervous, thinking that you need to look at medical procedures like IVF, when there’s actually a simpler way (which is also more effective and totally natural).

Did you know that Chinese Medicine has been shown to improve fertility by 60%, making it easier to get pregnant without costly procedures? Yes, that’s right, there is an ancient tradition of using chinese herbs for fertility that modern science is now backing up.

Chinese Medicine was also shown to improve IVF success rates by two-fold after just a three to four month period (a worthy investment, given IVF cycles are typically $25,000 each and don’t always succeed).

Two of the trials in the original study even found that Chinese herbs helped reduce pain from endometriosis.

And, research has shown that Chinese medicine can help women who haven’t been ovulating.

In fact, one of our Freya women hadn’t ovulated in over four months, but within weeks of taking Freya she started ovulating again.

Many women have gotten pregnant, naturally, using Freya herbal tea (and I’m one of them!).

Freya is an all-natural Chinese Medicine herbal tea, which tastes delicious and anyone can purchase here

Drinking Freya helps to improve your reproductive health so you feel more confident about your fertility and your cycles.

All you have to do is mix Freya into a cup of warm water and drink, twice a day. I used Freya to help get pregnant in just a few months, and I loved having this morning and evening ritual to nourish my fertility.

The cool part is that each month of Freya you purchase has three blends of tea for you to most effectively care for your fertility:

  1. a daily blend for after your period and during ovulation
  2. a luteal blend for when a fertilized egg attaches to your uterus
  3. a menstrual blend for the days you bleed, so you can be sure you’re releasing any stuck energy and preparing to get pregnant the next cycle

We’re building a revolution in fertility by empowering women to nurture their fertility now, and protect their reproductive future, with Freya.

Stress, long-term birth control use, being older than 35, and having irregular cycles can all make getting pregnant much harder. That’s why Freya is important for proactively taking care of your fertility now.

If you have adverse conditions like PCOS or endometriosis, we suggest taking Freya and seeing a local acupuncturist.


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