I immediately thought there would be a baby boom during quarantine and Covid-19. I mean, all that time at home, time with your partner? Nesting and resting and getting cozy?

Well…I was wrong. Turns out fertility rates are down. Here are 3 reasons why plus what you can do about it.


There’s more uncertainty in our society now than in decades, and it shows. Divorce rates are up. Childcare options are down. And we’re concerned for our relatives and friends with pre-existing conditions or compromised immune systems. As you probably know, stress is the enemy of fertility — our body takes resources away from reproduction when it’s in fight-or-flight. So it’s no surprise that people are having a harder time now getting pregnant. Freya Fertility Tea was actually designed to combat stress, with specific Chinese herbs to replenish your energy, balance your hormones, and nourish your body.

Fewer Fertility Options

In many states, fertility clinics and treatment options like acupuncture (which is proven to help a woman conceive by 67%) are shut down due to the pandemic. Some may never reopen, while some are opening on a limited schedule or with significant precautions. Many women I’ve spoken to want to get pregnant now, but are struggling to conceive without additional reproductive support, which makes Freya such a great option as you can nurture your fertility from home.

Economic and Job Instability

Some couples put their dreams of a family on the back burner when there’s instability in their job or in the economy. While the stock market has done quite well despite the pandemic, the job market is going through a big change. However, if you work from home you may have an advantage when it comes to conceiving — less travel, no commute, and perhaps a better ability to eat healthy and exercise if you can make your own schedule. Many companies are planning to keep their work-from-home policy even after they reopen, giving many moms-to-be more flexibility.

We want to support you in getting pregnant, despite these conditions. Freya Fertility Tea is the optimal supplement for these chaotic times, even if you can’t get in to see an acupuncturist or fertility specialist.

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Xoxo, Violet

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