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In 20 years of practicing acupuncture and chinese medicine in Colorado, I’ve seen the age of women preparing to conceive keep on getting older. There is a natural decline in fertility that happens once a woman gets over 30, but the decline is not uniform and is impacted by numerous factors. Genetics, diet, exercise, stress and environment all play a factor. I counsel my patients in their early thirties that their fertility is a treasure to be preserved, even if they never plan to have children. Your fertility can be thought of as the savings of your energetic system, the built up reserves of vitality that can be used on that which is most important to you.

It is more often than not that women already know that something is a bit awry in their reproductive system. Often it is subclinical, meaning it is more of a bother than an actual medical condition but noticeable none-the-less. The cycles that are irregular, the days where you are fatigued, the cramps painful enough that you are concerned. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, these are signposts guiding us that our body needs some support regulating the dynamic balance of our hormonal health.

Experience becomes the best teacher clinically and I’ve learned that if we can balance the cycles when they are first becoming challenging, it is relatively easy to do so and rewarding in the body feeling overall more radiant and energetic. When a patient comes in their late 30s or early 40s with cycles that are irregular and reproductive health challenges, I often wish that I could have started giving them herbs a few years earlier. That is not to say that we can’t bring the cycles back into balance at that point but the effort needed to change the underlying patterns is much more difficult.

I’ve formulated Freya to be a three part formula to support the three phases of the cycle. The first formula, the Menstrual, you take when you start bleeding and it supports the shedding of the top layers of the endometrium and the growth of the next round of follicles. The second formula, the Daily, supplies rich nutrients to support healthy ovulation and building up the body’s resources. The third formula, the Luteal, prepares the uterus and supports the endometrium in building up healthy layers. When taken in sequence, the herbs help support and correct the natural fertility cycle in a way that is quite amazing.

These herbs and formulas have been safely used by acupuncturists and chinese doctors for hundreds of years. We are hearing amazing results from those taking Freya and we’d love you to join our community of women who are proactively taking care of their fertility and to share it with your tribe.

Marco Lam
Chinese Medicine Expert
Freya Formulator

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