I used to be so happy to get my period…

But now that I’m on the conception journey, it’s a dreaded waiting game. Waiting to take the pee stick test…waiting to see if my period comes or not.

My period used to be extremely regular…but now it sometimes comes late…this usually means my body was trying to get pregnant, but it didn’t.

I’ve had 3 different times now over the last year when my period was over 7 days late…

And even the other months, at least the months when we were trying to get pregnant, I was on pins and needles the week before my period, just hoping we’d conceive.

As I go through the process of becoming a mom, I am realizing how much waiting there is! And let’s just say I’m normally not a very patient person 🙂

It’s been easier though, since I started taking Freya, to go through the waiting game…because my body has already gotten pregnant! And while I had a miscarriage, now I know Freya will help me conceive, because it did so before and will do so again!

One of the biggest challenges in modern life, when we are used to controlling everything and getting everything we want instantly, is to have faith.

But how can you have faith without some support? It can be exhausting.

Freya improves reproductive health so you can have the heart and faith to conceive, but also the science to back it up. Which makes it way easier to be patient when there’s a supplement you can trust.

Are you wanting some support during the waiting, so you can enjoy the process with faith?

Xoxo, Violet and the Freya Family

PS if you want to be confident you’re doing all you can to get pregnant, and make the waiting easier, start with Freya — it’s simple, delicious, and the all natural way to support your fertility journey. For a short amount of time we’re doing free shipping too — order your supply here:


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