Hey sisters! Are you in that in-between phase, where you’re not ready to get pregnant…but you’re also wanting to make sure you’re fertile and healthy for when the time is right?

Do you worry that if you don’t protect your eggs now, you’ll miss out in the future?

So many women in their late 30s either aren’t ready because of their career, goals, or relationship…but that doesn’t mean you have to risk not being able to conceive.

Your fertility is an important resource. Just like any resource, if it’s well tended to, it will pay you back — in this case, with healthy, easy reproduction.

If tended to poorly, it’s hard to jump start the body back into its baby-making ways.

It’s kind-of like having a car that you never take care of other than gas in the tank. Sure, it’ll still run, but at some point it will break down without routine maintenance.

Let me tell you, going from “I don’t want to get pregnant” to “I’m ready for a baby now!” can be a rough road.

It takes most women over 35 a full YEAR to conceive (that’s the average, so some women it takes even longer)…and once that happens, the rates of miscarriage as you get older are quite high.

Which means it could take many years to have a healthy, happy pregnancy and baby if you don’t have the right support.

Because of Freya, Jason and I got pregnant on only our 3rd try… a full 9 months earlier than the average. We did have a miscarriage at 8 weeks, and are on the conception journey again. I feel blessed knowing Freya helped us get pregnant and will do so now.

If you want to feel confident in the future of your fertility, even if now isn’t the exact right time, safeguard your reproductive health and start using Freya.

It’s simple, delicious, and nourishing, and by the way it’ll help with PMS too as you get your body ready for baby.

Are you ready to have a plan for your future and trust being able to make a baby when you’re ready?

Xoxo, Violet and the Freya Family

PS if you order now in 1 month or 3 month supplies you’ll get free shipping!

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