If you haven’t been pregnant, you might be nervous or scared about morning sickness…

But the truth is, your body is already sick in the morning, and throughout the day, if you’re not paying attention to your reproductive health.

Our female center speaks in whispers…she won’t tell you something is “off” until it’s a big issue.

What starts out as irregular cycles can turn into infertility, and what starts out as painful periods can turn into fibroids and endometriosis and a host of other problems.

Most of us were never taught how to pay attention to our body, let alone our reproductive health.

I know my mom just handed me some tampons at age 14 when I got my first period, and didn’t say anything else. So I got used to just “handling” my period and minimizing the inconvenience.

I had SUPER heavy, 7 to 8 day long periods with a lot of clotting when I was a teenager…but unfortunately back then I didn’t know how to deal with it other than minimize the mess.

Thank God I changed things so I’m now healthy and fertile.

Have you gotten used to just “handling” your reproductive health, and minimizing the pain but not really CARING for your body?

Prevention goes a LONG WAY when it comes to fertility and healthy cycles. Your body may be sick and giving you clues that you’re harming your ability to have a baby…but if you’re not listening and taking action by taking Freya, you may miss the clues and miss out on your chance to conceive.

You CAN create fertility wellness so the only “sickness” you have to worry about it is morning sickness when you’re actually pregnant! And isn’t a little nausea off and on for a few weeks worth it to have your own family?

I know I’d rather take that — morning sickness — than forfeit my ability to have a family just because I wasn’t paying attention to my body.

Freya is the perfect way to create morning (and all-day) wellness so you can conceive. What’s more important to you, neglecting your health now or protecting your fertility for the future?

Xoxo, Violet and the Freya Team

PS if you want to have a baby, and want to have wellness now so you can trust your own fertility (and enjoy all the ups and downs that pregnancy brings), order Freya now: www.freyahealth.com/buy

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