Ah, the menstrual taboo. Almost every woman alive has experienced it in one way or another. It shows up as we surreptitiously hand a tampon to a friend or anxiously google “period sex”. Menses is treated like a medical issue that must be corrected or a social issue that should be hidden—rather than a super normal, fundamental part of being a woman!

Freya user Daniela recently talked about healing her own estranged relationship with this vital element of her femininity, and breaking free from stigma around it, with Freya co-founder Violet Lange.

“I rebuilt my relationship with my cycle and now have a healthy relationship instead of the societal relationship that we have with the cycle where it’s dirty or something that shouldn’t be talked about,” Daniela told Violet.

For Daniela, drinking Freya tea twice a day was a vital part of this shift. “Finding a ritual and purposely nourishing your body is a good way to start reclaiming that relationship,” she said.

As Freya helped her get more connected to her body and cycle, Daniela found she also started being more open with other women, bringing formerly taboo conversations about hormones and menstrual cycles into her everyday life. She and her coworkers now openly talk about what’s going on with their bodies and how they feel each day, and it’s been a positive shift.

Daniela noted, “It can be really overwhelming in today’s society, especially because we can’t really talk. I think as women we have to take ownership of our power and ownership of our bodies.”

Freya is an instant herbal tea created by acupuncturist Marco Lam to make cycles smoother, decrease PMS symptoms, and aid in creating and maintaining a healthy reproductive system. But it’s also a growing community of women like Daniela who are ready to talk openly about their cycles and fertility.

While Freya is designed to promote reproductive health, it’s not only for women who plan to get pregnant in the near, or distant, future. A healthy reproductive system is important for all women, regardless of their future goals.

Daniela, who knows she doesn’t want kids, was drawn to Freya to ease mood spikes and intense cramps associated with her cycle. “If my reproductive system isn’t working, it means that there’s an imbalance in my body,” she noted. “It’s about really reclaiming our power and being okay with being a woman.”

Freya women like Daniela are getting connected with their cycles and busting down the taboos around menstruation—and just being a woman. As Daniela said, “It happens. It’s just a part of who we are, and it’s not just something that we have to deal with every month!”

Are you ready to reconnect with your cycle?


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