There are a few precious days of the month when we have that window to conceive…

It’s kinda a lot of pressure, right?

The stars need to align, our bodies need to be healthy, and our partner needs to be connecting to us (aka doing the deed).

But sometimes schedules and stress can throw everything off.

How many months have you been excited to conceive, but then he’s “not in the mood” or stressed about work or you’re kinda fighting?

How many YEARS have you been longing to be a mom, just waiting for that right partner, and finally he’s here and ouch, it’s been hard to get pregnant.

So many factors can f’up our pregnancy…

Don’t let stress or poor reproductive health be one of them. Make sure that every window you have, you use — and that your body is READY for baby and healthy enough to conceive.

Even if you’re outwardly healthy though, it doesn’t mean your fertility is healthy. It’s a different system and even people who do yoga and drink green juice can have messed up reproductive systems too.

I know when I’m in touch with my feminine energy, healthy mind/body/spirit, and connecting to my partner, magic happens. That’s how we conceived for the first time. I was paying attention to my body’s rhythms AND I had the support of Freya to help me get pregnant.

We recommend taking Freya for three months to reset your fertility and prepare for baby. In fact Jason and I got pregnant on the third try, instead of it taking a year (average time to conceive over 35 is a year!).

If you’re not in the mood to take care of your health, don’t expect him to be in the mood to make a baby. It takes two.

Xoxo, Violet and the Freya Team

PS if you’re in the mood for baby and your body isn’t cooperating, it’s time to do something different. Freya helps nourish your fertility naturally and it’s easy to enjoy:

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