Hey wanna-be-mamas…do you get caught in the Google anxiety trap?

You know, you google every little thing under the sun to try to understand when you’ll conceive? Or what that discharge meant? Or which pregnancy test is best?

Or maybe your period is late, but the stick isn’t showing that happy positive yet…so you’re wondering what the heck your body is up to…

Or maybe it’s been hard to get pregnant and your mind is thinking maybe it’s something wrong with your relationship (guess what, it’s not — but wow our minds can go to crazy places right?!?)

The conception journey can be FULL of anxiety!

How do we beat anxiety?

By getting grounded — that means connected to our body, present in the moment, and not stuck in our heads (and definitely not stuck in Google!)

If you have a hard time beating anxiety and getting grounded, you need more than just a new thought or new Google search. You need a plan.

Do you have a plan for getting pregnant? Or are you just winging it?

You can absolutely take steps to get pregnant, including taking Freya, an all natural Chinese herbal blend. Chinese Medicine is 67% better than just “winging it” for conception (and twice as successful as IVF).

Order Freya now — one month, or a three-month supply — so you have something tangible you’re doing to help your fertility. All you have to do is drink it twice a day in warm water — easy peasy and anxiety-free.

Xoxo, Violet and the Freya Team

PS if you feel anxious about whether or not you can conceive, and when it will happen, do something to help yourself stay grounded, connected, and improving your reproductive health. Just go to www.freyahealth.com/buy to take the right next step for baby.

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