We all need rituals in our lives. This is something we know intuitively, yet our days are often so jam-packed that it feels like we don’t have the space to experience the sacredness and beauty in our actions.

So, how can we break through our perpetual over-commitment, slow down, and bring stability and a sense of home into our lives?

For some women, Freya has been the answer. Freya is a new daily supplement that delivers the power of Chinese herbs as a convenient instant tea. Freya supports reproductive health and well-being for women—whether they’re trying to get pregnant, stay fertile as long as possible, or just want healthy and predictable menstrual cycles.

Many Freya users have found drinking Freya tea twice a day helps create a grounding ritual that reconnects them with their cycles, even after years of birth control and stress have left them feeling detached. As Freya woman Daniela put it, “Finding a ritual and purposely nourishing your body is a good way to start reclaiming that relationship.”

Ritual doesn’t need to be complicated, time consuming or overwhelming. It’s simply an opportunity to get present, return to what matters, and acknowledge the sacredness of life.

Here are three more ways to find opportunities for ritual in your life.

Create sacredness in your everyday activities

A ritual is any action we take that we infuse with meaning and mindfulness beyond the obvious. The minutiae of our everyday actions are ripe with opportunities for ritual.

For example, you can brush your teeth every morning because dental hygiene is important. Or you can brush your teeth as a ritual!

As you brush, try acknowledging your gratitude for your ability to chomp down on your favorite foods, focusing on each individual tooth. Notice the way your toothbrush bristles feel against your gums. You can even blast your favorite song and dance around your bathroom!

Follow what you love

What brings you joy? Is it game night with friends, watching milk swirl into your morning coffee, spending time in your garden? Whatever it is, turn it into a ritual by adding a touch of ceremony.

If you love cooking, for example, turn your meals into a ritual by taking an extra moment to light candles and set the table. Before you pick up your fork, pause to acknowledge your gratitude for the day and your meal. Commit to savoring, experiencing and truly enjoying your meal.

Maybe you love going to the movies? Acknowledge what you experience as you walk into the theater—the smells, the sights, the feeling of the carpet. Get there early and explore different seats. Find the one where you can truly be the most present.

Bring ritual to your bedtime

Parents often create bedtime rituals for kids by reading them stories, singing lullabies, and providing the perfect stuffed animals. It creates a sense of security and sweetness that makes falling asleep easier.

You can replicate this ease by creating your own bedtime ritual. Try applying lotion before bed and arranging your pillows in a way you know will allow you to sink into your mattress. Maximize your comfort. With non-attachment, reflect on the events of your day. Acknowledge any unresolved thoughts or feelings, let them go, and return to your present comfort.

A ritual can be whatever you want it to be. Just bring sacredness to any of your actions in a way that is meaningful to you! How do you plan to bring ritual into your life?

Try Freya as a ritual to reconnect with your body and cycle.


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