When we start our fertility journey we can start to think of getting pregnant as a science…

What days am I ovulating? How’s my partner’s sperm? How many eggs do I have left?

All that is fine, but it kinda misses the most important part of conception — the love!

If you’re reading this, most likely you either have a partner in your life that you’re excited to conceive with, or you’re looking for that partner and planning on baby sometime in the future.

In our modern world we think of everything as inputs and outputs and a system. But conception dates back WAY further than any sort of machines 🙂

When women got pregnant in the past, they knew this important secret…

Conception is a ritual.

Just as in the past people would tend crops on a daily basis, and eat together on a daily basis. We too need to create daily rituals to support our fertility journey.

Women are starting their periods earlier than ever, but waiting longer than ever to get pregnant. Plus we have WAY more stress and toxins to deal with.

Which means our conception rituals are actually much MORE IMPORTANT than they were centuries ago.

Do you have conception rituals? Do you have these daily ways to care for your body and your reproductive health? Do you have daily ways to connect with your partner from a place of love, not logistics?

Freya is a necessary and nourishing part of your conception rituals. Taken twice a day and stirred into warm water, it’s an easy to dissolve all natural herbal tea.

It supports your reproductive health and connects you to your body.

You can even use your Freya time each day to connect with your partner and share something you love about them.

Are you ready to create conception rituals so you can have a baby with love and ease?

Xoxo, Violet and the Freya Family

PS if you don’t have a daily conception ritual, check out Freya and start your one month or three month supply and get the support you need for fertility. Right now we have free shipping so order now!


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