Did you know, your eggs were created when you were in your mother’s womb? And that when your mother was created, the egg which became you was created too, meaning you were there in your grandmother’s womb?

The cycle of life is brilliant and fascinating, and a woman’s eggs are her most precious resource if she wants to get pregnant.

But we discard this precious resource often, not knowing how our stress, lifestyle, and health affect our egg quality and ability to conceive.

This is a huge problem because you might not know how your egg quality is, until it’s too late.

So how can you protect this precious resource? And make it easier to conceive?

Chinese medicine is proven to help fertility 67% more than doing nothing, and DOUBLE western procedures like IVF. It’s a safe and natural bet.

Freya helps you to conceive and to nourish your reproductive health. With just a simple powdered tea, you can feel confident and connected to your feminine radiance and well-being.

  • Our Freya Women have begun ovulating again after months of not releasing an egg…
  • Our Freya Women have reduced and nearly eliminated PMS and other conditions…
  • And our Freya Women have gotten pregnant on only their third try, after wanting to get pregnant for years.

Time is ticking. Get the protection you need to feel fabulous about your fertility now.


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