Do you ever struggle with knowing what to do to get pregnant? (other than the obvious ;))

Do you ever wonder “when will this finally happen!!!???”

Do you sometimes start to lose hope or want to just forget about it for a while?

The myth is that you get pregnant when you stop trying.

But the truth is that you get pregnant through daily, important actions which create a healthy, fertile field physically and energetically.

This is not about the few days a month you are ovulating.

This IS about the entire month, the whole cycle.

If you don’t nurture yourself in the right ways after you ovulate, you’ll accumulate the wrong energy and have trouble releasing it, which affects your next cycle.

And if you push yourself too hard during your menstruation, without additional supplements and support, you won’t have the right internal environment to conceive.

Imagine feeling positively connected to your body every day, trusting that she’s getting ready to carry a baby…

Imagine enjoying the rhythms of your cycle, from your period to ovulation to implantation…

Imagine building consistency with your reproductive health, so that you’re tending your garden each month and ripping out the weeds, cultivating beautiful soil for a beautiful soul to join you…

Freya helped me get pregnant in just my third try. While we had a miscarriage at week 8, we are about to try again and I have full faith Freya will bring me pregnancy quickly and healthily.

Do you want to leave your precious fertility to chance? Or are you willing to make a small daily investment in your family by drinking Freya tea?

Xoxo, Violet and the Freya team

PS if you want to trust your fertility journey and know you’re doing all you can, be sure you’re taking Freya. Chinese medicine improves fertility more than even IVF and other methods. And it’s just a simple tea two times a day. Go to

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