Freya is an all natural daily tea supplement that supports female reproductive health and well-being.

Plant Medicine for the Modern Woman

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3 Unique Formulas Support

Each Phase of Your Cycle

Menstrual Support

Freya Menstrual Formula gently invigorates blood, helps alleviate pain, and harmonizes the meridians that govern conception. It relaxes uterine muscle tension and benefits healthy menstruation. This formula can be especially supportive if your cycles have become absent or irregular due to intense stress, high level physical training, IUDs or hormonal birth control. It supports your uterus in letting go off the old layers built up and lays the foundation for a healthy uterus to begin your next cycle.

Daily Support

Freya Daily Formula (Strengthen and Nourish) is designed to support the development of healthy follicles and to regulate optimal ovulation. In Traditional Chinese medicine terms, this formula nourishes the blood and the kidney essence. This kidney essence is considered to be a most valuable treasure in Chinese culture and it is the deep well which we draw our fertility and our deepest will from. Often this kidney essence, called jing, is depleted through over work and excessive stress in our fast paced culture. If you feel like you have over done it or are fatigued after your cycle, this can be a a game changer!

Luteal Support

Freya Luteal Formula is designed to be taken the week before your menstrual cycle. You may be happily surprised with a much smoother week before your cycle comes and a gradual diminishing of menstrual cramps. This formula has been a godsend for many women and this basic formula has been used for thousands of years to regulate the hormones in menstruating women and to support reproductive health. The Luteal Blend eases tension and has deeply relaxing effect on the mind, body and spirit, and invigorates and nourishes the blood to have a smoother and less painful menstrual cycle.

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